Ben Christensen is a western lifestyle and advertising photographer. In his work, Ben aims to capture the simplicity of the American West and everything that comes with it. 

"My earliest and fondest memories all occurred in the outdoors with my family - especially my dad. I grew up in Tempe, Arizona, and was raised to love being outside. During summers and on the weekends, we'd go horseback riding, horse packing in the mountains, camping, and hiking, backcountry skiing, waterskiing, you name it. When I think about it, if we weren't out there exploring , we were getting inspired for our next adventure - huddled around the living room television watching a spaghetti Western with Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef.  The pairing of Arizona's Landscapes and my dad's enthusiasm for the natural world is without a doubt the reason that I fell in love with the Western lifestyle. He instilled in me a deep respect and reverence for the great outdoors where we spent so much of our time together. I take that with me everywhere today."

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instagram: @_benchristensen

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